My eggbox supprise!!!

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Feb 19, 2011
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Yeaster day was a hot humiday in the south and so i didnt bother to check for eggs till about an hour before sunset. So i went about my normal routine and feed the girls and then watered then. In my egg boxes i have some golfballs painted brown to stop them from eating their eggs. When i lifted up the little door on the side of the coop to gather the eggs, to my extreme supprise there was a 4ft king snake in there.He was all coiled up and had 2 big lumps in him and had something else in his mouth. So i ran up to the house and got some help to catch the snake. When we got back down there he was still in th same spot. When i reeched in there to grsb him, he spit out the golfball in his mouth. Yes i did say a golf ball. Then he bolted for a small hole in the back corner of the hen house but got stuck half way due to the already 2 golf balls in his stomach. so he was easy to catch. Then we made him regerate the golf balls and set him free on the other side of the property. I told this story to see if anyone hes ever had this happen to them. Cant waite to hear your stories.
I haven't found any in my coop ~ yet. But I have a few water snakes in my goldfish pond.

for relocating instead of killing the snake. They are great rodent killers!
How old were the chicks? do you know? mine are about 4 weeks old, and I have quite a few garter snakes around, will they pose a threat?\\

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