My Eggs just Don't pip! HELP!!!!


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Mar 13, 2011
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Okay, well I MUST be doing something wrong!

My very 1st set of eggs I ever hatched was VERY successful. These were shipped eggs & some of my own eggs.

Since then the eggs just don't Pip?!?!

Nothing has changed.

1 have one bator running at 100 degrees with humidity at 30% and an automatic turner.

At day 18 I move the eggs to second bator also running at 100 degrees and humidity at 70%. No turning. I do NOT open the bator from day 18 to 23. Humidity seems to stay constant. I have 2 humidity gauges & 2 thermometers in there.

My last batch not one single chick pipped. I her a little peeping at day 19/20 but nothing. At day 23 I went ahead and opened one since the bator was silent.
Dead chick. I opened the others. All the babies were fully formed but never pipped and died in the egg.
12 chicks... NO pips... ALL dead!

Well I tried again with eggs donated from a friend. 4 out of 5 eggs developed. Moved to 2nd bator. 1 egg was peeping on day 21. Next morning there was a pip (day 22). That evening the same egg had 2 pips in it. Next morning 3 pip spots in it (day 23). I finally broke down and opened the bator to check the egg. The outer white membrane had not broken and was very tough so I gently poked a little hole and out popped a chick beak. Put back into the bator until evening. No progress. decided to pull a little bit more of the white membrane back. I could see the inner membrane was still bloody. Replaced to the bator.
Day 24 none of the other chicks have piped, no movement, no sound. All were candled as alive and moving on day 14. The piped egg is still not out. I VERY gentle moved a little more of the outer membrane in a zipping fashion and a tiny but of the inner membrane that did not look bloody. SOME of the inner membrane still looks bloody so I didn't want too go far. Chick is sill alive and chirping but not trying to get out... Assuming its "just not ready" since the inner membrane still has blood in it.

My incubator is in a controlled room that stays a constant warm and humid temperature.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG! I'm so frustrated with hatching eggs at the moment. I have one last batch that I'm VERY excited about due to go into lockdown on the 18th... I THINK I'm going to leave them in bator 1 and just turn off the turner and raise the humidity... I don't know WHAT I'm doing wrong but it is very depressing to keep having fully formed chicks but no hatching! I don't want to "help" chicks hatch and I'm trying NOT to even go in the bator at all... but my chicks are dieing


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Feb 12, 2009
Maybe you have bacteria growing in ur bator I would clean it really good and try again


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Jul 8, 2011
I believe the temperature should be 99 degrees F and I think your humidity may be too low....should be about 50-55% for the first 18 days and then 65% until hatched ("A Guide to Better Hatching" by Janet Stromberg). Also, as previously posted be sure you clean your incubator thoroughly between batches. Bob P.
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