My eggs keep freezing

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    I have a mini fridge on the front porch where I have kept the eggs to sell all summer. People can help themselves and put the money in the cash box. Now that the weather has cooled down (60's daytime - 40's nighttime) I have frozen about 4-5 dozen in the last few days. [​IMG] I have the fridge turned down as low as it will go without being off. How do you all sell eggs in the winter? This will be my first winter season. I was thinking about putting out a wireless doorbell and having them ring it when they want eggs. [​IMG]
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    your best options is to keep the mini frig inside your house, or keep them in your frig and have a bell to ring.... Unless you want to spend money on insulating your min frig from the cold weather.

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    What she said!

    Those mini fridges will freeze just about everything. We have one in our back room. The room itself is NOT heated or cooled in anyway, so we have to take our chances with everything that we put in the fridge.

    I would just move it inside and have people ring a bell. Just let them know WHY you are doing this, some one might think that you are not trusting them to pay. May not but you never know.

    Good luck with sales. We don't get enough to sell, just enough for us so far. But we just started. [​IMG]
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    Fresh eggs if not washed can be stored at room temperature for 2 weeks or more no problem. If they are washed, the protective coating is removed and the eggs must be refrigerated. If your customers have a problem buying unrefrigerated eggs, maybe print out information on the safety of fresh eggs unrefrigerated and post it. Skip the fridge altogether.

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