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Apr 30, 2013
Northern Utah
Hi all,
I'm a brand new chicken mamma having got our four fluffy babies last Friday. They were one week old when they came home with us, and seem to be thriving. I love watching them and their little personalities and have more pictures than I need.

I have a Buff Orpington, (Zsa-Zsa), a Welsummer (Wallis), a Partridge Rock (Gromit) and an Ameraucana / Easter Egger? (Peggy).

We just moved to a new home and there is absolutely no landscaping done. My family thinks I have my priorities backwards in getting chickens first, but we'll just landscape for and around them. I'm still looking for a coop, but I figure I have about a month to find them a permanent home. My hubby doesn't have the time to build one and I don't have the inclination (or the skills). Once we have the coop situated we'll start working on building them a nice run. We live in the foothills of northern Utah and have plenty of predators to worry about, including rattlesnakes and a bald eagle that flies overhead occasionally.

I've thought about getting chickens for almost two years and last summer when we tended our neighbors small flock while they were on vacation I was convinced. I started researching keeping chickens and have read through much of the information on BYC. What a valuable resource this site is going to be.
Welcome to BYC!!!
Glad to have you aboard!!
I remember thinking I "had a month before i need the coop." boy, was that wrong. start looking now. it was embarrassing how long it took me to get the danged coop done and, in the meantime, my chickens started looking like those pictures you see of caged chickens who never move out of a cage in the commercial egg factory.
Head for "where am I, where are you," section so you can find your state thread. They would have more info to share re: predators in your area and how to protect against them.
Welcome to byc, you might not want to put that aside for too long, atleast a place for the
To turn in at night
Thanks for the kind welcome. I am going out today to look at a coop that is for sale. Hopefully it will work for us. If not, I have a good lead on someone who can build something for us. It snowed here this morning which wasn't a nice surprise to wake up to. When I checked on my girls they were happy as could be in their brooder in the garage. No nasty snow for them till next winter.

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