My enormous egg with a surprise!


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Sep 20, 2009
So just thought I would share my enormous egg with you guys! I found it last week and couldn't believe my eyes poor chick! Check out the surprise inside the egg!!



Yep that is an egg within an egg!

As you can see the egg is fully formed and has a hard shell.

And there it is one huge egg with another egg inside of it.
That is soooooooo weird, interesting and sick all at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are braver than I , because I wouldn't have been able to open the smaller egg. It looked like some sort of tumor.
I know I was kinda hesitant to crack the smaller one open but just had to make sure there wasn't anything else inside! I just don't understand how the larger egg formed around it and why it wouldn't have been laid before. And yes it was a small but good sized egg. I'm getting worried because we always have one that lays jumbo sized eggs and I've noticed them starting to get bigger again so I don't know if this will occur often or what!
I had a silkie hens lay a 5 layered egg. Yes really! five eggs!
I was just as surprised as you are.. She layed 20 sum eggs just like that.
She got sick one day and died. I never figured out what happened. I am guessing it was from trying to lay a huge egg.

Its a wonder how they manage to do that

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