My expensive new hobby, my Coop and Run

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  1. micareli

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    Apr 5, 2012
    I spent nearly approx 120 on my 10x12 roof.... ( my intended wood was unusable) I used 12 foot deck boards at about 8.00 per board, x13, then used a 30 lb felt roofing 18.00 and 1/2 inch staples,no shingles..... in hindsight wished I would have used the tar paper with the sand on it, 46.00, next best things to shingles. ( hangers and 2x6 approx 60)

    I used 2x6 rafters with hangers as i was hanging rafters by myself (left over from another project)

    5 4x4 8 " tall post 40.00
    approx 25 treated 2x4 50.00
    7 4'x8' sheets OSb 56.00
    2 4'x8' Advantek, for 15 nest boxes 50.00
    misc screws 8.00
    2 sheets 4'x8' 1/2 inch advantek for exterior doors, 35.00
    5 2"x4" 10' long for roosting pols 20.00
    4 2'x8" treated to give a strong facade to hang doors on 35

    roof 120.00
    exterior wall covering 15 lb felt paper 18.00

    approx 440.00, to build it, with a savings of approx 60-80 on preexisting inventory......

    i have a 4'x8' dropping pit and roosting area with 5 2x4 on different levels for roosting poles
    8'x8' coop area, with 15 nesting boxes

    39 chicks in the coop with 48 chicks in the brooder table

    I will put together the chicken run in the next 2 weeks it will be 50 ft x 50 feet, fencing cost 120.00 posting 250.00
    370.00 for a 2500 SF run.

    if I have to put a net on top from air attack add 175.00

    to date 850 for a 100 SF coop with a 2500 SF Chicken Run,

    150 for chicks, approx 100 for equipment.... so 1100 to start a new hobby....... good thing i didnt plan on that money to be spent..... probably would never have completed it.......
    add another 100 to date for feed...... and I need a lot of eggs to pay for this venture

  2. kreagerm

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    Feb 11, 2012
    It adds up fast doesn't it.
  3. Coop de Grille

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    Apr 24, 2010
    South Carolina
    I'm in for over three times that much. My chicks should have been laying by now, but my first set of babies turned out to be 100% cockerels. My DH says these chicks better lay golden eggs.
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    Feb 2, 2012
    Garden Ridge, TX
    [​IMG] Isn't it amazing what we will shell out for these chooks? I can't wait until the cost of my eggs drops below $10 an egg!
  5. Ah, look at it over time. You don't say it cost you 27K to drive to town today in your car do you? Course not...the cost is spread over time.
    Twenty years from now you'll be smiling when someone posts how much their coop/run cost and yours is still humming along because you built it well and with love :)
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    Dec 16, 2011


    Former coworker was into drag racing. 1 or 2 blown engines a month. That's expensive.

    Or a recreational boat. A hole in the water that you pour money into.

    Single Action Shooting Society. $1,000 for a 1866 rifle. $600 for a Muled eared S x S shotgun. 2 Colt clones in 45 caliber, $600 each. Then $50 for ammunition per local match.

    At least chickens produce something that you can live on. [​IMG]

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