My experience with fowl pox


7 Years
Dec 8, 2015
Hi all,
Just wanted to share this. Just battled avian pox and four of 15 chickens had such crazy scabs over their entire face, covering eyes and ears. Needless to say they were totally lethargic and required a lot of care. One day when I looked at the scabs and they appeared very hard I decided to just rip them off, I figured I had nothing to lose at that point since my chickens weren’t eating and drinking and just laying around in the same spot all day. All the scabs had puss underneath but My white Leghorn Was especially bad. It had some kind of puss growth in her ear that must have been so painful. The chicken immediately jumped up and started eating. We came back with tweezers and pulled the remaining puss chunks out. All the chickens are now doing fine.


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Pulling off the scabs can help spread the pox around. It's best to leave them and let them go through the healing process unless they can't see. Fowl pox is spread by mosquitoes, and by direct contact with the lesions.
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