My favorite bird - might be Marek's - might be something else?


6 Years
May 3, 2014
Ramona, CA
Background: One of my pullets died Sep 9, necropsy showed lymphatic tumors and pneumonia, possibly Marek's.
Current question is about a different pullet.

Pullet, 20 weeks old.
Sep 20 lethargic, wheezy, isolated with antibiotics (Sulmet). Recovered with 2 days treatment.
Sep 22 returned to flock, closely monitored.
Sep 25 lethargic again, head shaking, droopy wing. red mites noticed, entire flock treated with BioSpot. Head shaking stops. Isolated for rest overnight with probiotics and electrolytes.
Sep 26 Seems recovered, returned to flock, entire flock provided probiotics and electrolytes. Pullet is eating and drinking.
Sep 27-28 head shaking returns. Lethargy returns. Eating and drinking is minimal.
Sep 28 (today) isolated from flock again.

What am I missing? I haven't noticed irregular poop, so I haven't dewormed the flock.

In isolation, she seems to stop eating and drinking, while outside with the flock she at least tries.

This is my favorite bird, and I will do anything I can to save her. Please share your ideas with me!
I am no expert but mine have just progressively gotten worse. Started with stumbling and then falling over...feet curling...then the legs go out. THey peck at food and miss it and waste away. Mine seem to succumb only as chicks or at point of lay and all of mine are rarer chickens. None of the standard breeds have come down with it. There are lots of different stories of how people's birds do. You can do all you can with vitamins and she will or she won't get better. It's kind of a crap shoot...and very frustrating.
Thanks... If this is Marek's, it doesn't seem to be the paralysis strain. It's frustrating that there aren't any visible signals to help me understand what's happening. I'm just giving her the best care and love I can until she picks up or passes away.

Do you think another round of antibiotics would be worth trying?
Update: Took her to the vet yesterday, and he didn't seem concerned. He said the first course of antibiotics wasn't long enough (though I followed the instructions on the bottle), and gave me another antibiotic to be administered orally for at least a week.


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