My Favorite Hen Has started to lay!!!

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8 Years
Sep 12, 2011
I knew she was my fav for a reason ,
this is her first egg, she started laying monday and for the past 2 days she is laying 2 eggs at a time...... I wonder what my nosey neighbor would say about that.
... calling my red sex link worthless..... I LOVE my birds.... Now if i can just get the rest of the 26 to start this would be great

her first egg.... small but they are growing!
Yours are laying 2 at a time too? I thought I was going loony when I thought that my EE was laying 2 a day some days. But my other EE finally laid an egg today and it's smaller and darker than the 1st EE's eggs, so now I REALLY think she has been double laying!

Congrats, by the way! And poo on your neighbor!
Thanks... and she is the sweetest out of all the birds... when I come to the yard she follows me around like a puppy, and she makes this crazy squcking sound and chases the other hens away from me.... toooo funny!

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