My favorite hen is sick and I need advice!! Please help me!!


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Mar 14, 2016
Hello! First off thanks for reading this and hopefully trying to help me and my hen McNuggets (mr boyfriend named her). Recently McNuggets has been losing some feathers and laying few eggs. After doing some research I figured she is most likely molting and have been making an effort to give her extra protein snacks. Now this afternoon she has no interest in coming out and roaming with the others like they do every evening. She is sitting in a nest box not moving at all. When I took a look at her, her crop seems off. It is very large (maybe tennis ball size?) and kind of squishy. It feels a little like a water balloon. I'm trying to research what is going on and find a solution. Please any input would be helpful!!! Is her crop impacted? Does she have sour crop? Is the feather loss related? Thank you for any help!
Try putting some apple cider vinegar in her water and give her crop a little massage. Giving her some natural yogurt might be good too.

I don't think that the feather loss is related, but it is possible that it is. Could she be going broody? Does her breath smell?

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