My First 5-Egg Day!


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
Texas-Just a little bit South of Weird
I have 5 pullets that started laying about a month ago. One holdout finally started laying a couple days ago and today was my first 5-egg day. Best part was that they all laid in the nest boxes too! Here's my egg container. The ones on top are first pick-the bottom ones were laid within the last 3 days. This way when I go to grab eggs I can just pick from the top and not have to read the dates penciled on them.

Congratulations on your first five egg, everybody got together and laid one, day! And they all laid them in the nesting boxes, sounds like they are spoiling you. That is a really nice idea for an egg holder, I like that you can just move the whole section and not have to move eggs to switch them.
Fruit holder, OK that makes sense to, great job of re-purposing. Tell Bella to get her act together, she doesn't want to be the only one left out.

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