My first attempt at building anything like this

thats awesome, especially for a first attempt! I've helped put up southern coops and livestock shelters since i was 12, but I sure can't cut straight worth a darn, and being left handed seems to have something to do with this I am convinced I'm like confused everything is uneven either in cut or in sitting that I mainly attempt on my own.
lol but anyway your coop is looking awesome, much nicer than my little silkie "Fuzzbucket express" its a wood coop with PVC run its supposed to be a tractor eventually when I get some wheels to throw on it. until then its a mini coop
Nice looking -- very smart to use the side of the barn -- not only for durability, but for shade -=- your chicks will thank you.

Don't forget ventilation.

I've added a few more days progress to my BYC page..

slowly but surely, things are getting done.
That's really great!

Don't forget to either bury the hardware cloth, or make an apron around the outside to deter predators.

You've given me inspiration.

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