My first backyard egg!!!

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    Feb 24, 2013
    I just wanted to share my story of my cute little australorp Roey laying her first egg right in front of me! I was busy cleaning out their pen while all my chickens were out free roaming when she made a fuss to get past me and into the pen. I actually joked to her "are you going to go lay me an egg?" then sure enough she jumped past me and went and started fussing in the nesting box. She kept squatting and turning and changing positions, all the while looking back at me sheepishly. I wondered if she really was going to lay, but I thought surely not, it's the middle of winter

    , she was only 22 weeks (which I know is POL but from reading online it seems a lot of chickens don't lay til older than that). I did feel bad though as I had to continue cleaning the pen as I was going away on holidays and it was going to be dark soon.

    After a couple of minutes of squatting she stood up and stood there for a few more minutes. I thought she must have given up then *plonk* out came a little egg! I was the proudest mama hen ever! She stood there looking confused for a couple of minutes more then she came out and I got my first egg song! It was the cutest most hilarious production ever!

    Heres a pic of her after she laid:


    BTW I have since put some bedding in the box, although they do tend to kick it out!

    While I was away on holiday, my little silkie Fergie laid an egg right in front of my housemate! So cute. Now today my Welsummer Alby has been hanging out in the nesting box all day, I just caught my white wyandotte doing the egg song, although I have no idea why as I went to check the nesting box and my Australorp is in there! But anyway! It's exciting times and I just thought I would share! [​IMG]

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