My first batch of shipped eggs arrived


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
Well here they are! Not as dark as I was expecting for black copper marans eggs but all arrived with no cracks or breaking. they are about the color of some of my barred rock eggs

here is our second order of Black Copper Marans from a different breeder. big beautiful eggs i ordered 6 she sent 10 3 were bad we blew them out to show the record of egg color our stock came from.


these eggs are almost double the size of our first order. I don't think i even want to incubate the small wrong color eggs. I might do a few as a first batch in my new homemade incubator but if their hens just put them in with my eating egg hens not with my breeding hens i'm trying to set up for Black copper marans

here are a 4 of the good eggs from breeder 2 here are the others
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Wow, that's a big difference! It is possible that the hens were near the end of their 'cycle', but a responsible breeder shouldn't even sell eggs like that. But the other ones are GORGEOUS!!
I didn't even notice that part, I was looking at the color

But I understand what you're saying. I had gotten some ameraucana eggs from one person, very pretty blue, but not much bigger than some of my bantams eggs. I just got some more ameraucana eggs from someone else, the color is not as blue as I would like, but these eggs are probably twice as big as the other ones I had gotten! It could be that they have young birds? Though that wouldn't make them a lighter color......Just set them and sell the babies, that's what I would do
I spoke with the breeder and he says they are pullet eggs that they would be larger and darker if they weren't new hens
we will see how they go in the incubator. my other ones though all 6 are under a broody at my uncles house as of tonight
Bantams are said to be "Broody" ? ... If this is correct , I would like to have a few for the sole purpose of setting on Egg's !! I've never had one and they are hard to find in my area ... Is there any preference in breeds for my program ? Thankyou

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