my first broody hen...i think, please help!!!

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  1. backyardbirdman

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    Apr 2, 2012
    so yesterday i bought 2 more silkies the lady told me one was broody just as i thought she was a liar i put that one on the nest of 8 pheasant eggs, to my surprise she started turning them and set on them. half hour later she was off for and hour till i put her back. i went up this morning to check on her and she was off again but the nest was still warm, so i thought my boxes were too high for her so i put them about 4 inches off the ground and put her back since she couldnt find her way there, 10 minutes later she was off agina, my point is, she actse broody, but doesnt growl when i go near her and constantly get off and doesnt get bakc on.... is she really broody or am i wasting my time, please help me..
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    Broodiness can be fleeting especially after a move to a new coop. She may have been broody when you went to pick her up and the disruptions broke her boodieness. It is tough to control when a hen goes broody, since it is a hormonal thing.

    The good news is, as a silkie, once she settles to her new home she will go broody and stay broody better than other breeds probably.
  3. backyardbirdman

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    Apr 2, 2012
    The only thing that gets me is that she keeps laying and then she just picks up and moves
  4. Den in Penn

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    Hens going broody often they lay a clutch of eggs. Over several days they will lay an egg get up do their business, lay again the next day and so on. Then one day they decide they have enough eggs and get seriously broody and stops laying and sits. All the moves and changes may have broken her broodiness in any event.

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