My first broody hen !!! (with photos) Update! I set her up in the coop

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    Sep 8, 2010
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    I have a partridge cochin hen (Foxy) who started to act broody. She sat on few eggs today all day long in the nesting box, and when I tried to touch her she made sounds like she is about to eat me. In the evening however she went to sleep inside the coop with the rest of the chickens and left the eggs. There is an egg box attached to the coop with access from inside, but for some reason my hens prefer to use the outside egg box for laying their eggs. If I want to let this hen going broody what do I need to do?

    First, how can I make sure that the eggs she is seating on are fertile? (I have a rooster that is a little clumsy and not all my hens have fertile eggs)
    Do hens have to stay on the eggs all the time?
    How long is the brooding period until hatching?
    How long they can be off the eggs to eat and do their business without “loosing” the eggs?
    If she starts to be broody on the outside egg box and I move the eggs in the inside box will she still stay on the eggs if I move or touch them?
    If I want to save few eggs from the same hen, can I put them in the refrigerator for few days until I have enough for hatching? Will the eggs still be good for hatching, or do I have to keep them at room temperature?
    Will a broody chicken remain on the eggs if other chickens are around her? (inside the coop)
    Do I need to separate the hen from the rest of the group for the brooding period?
    Will a chicken still lay eggs during the brooding period or will she stop?
    Do roosters take turn on seating on the eggs?
    For the past 2 weeks George has been watching Foxy while she lays her eggs. He usually seats in front of her nesting box until she is done. I noticed sometimes he gets in the nesting box and makes this clutching sound until another young laying hen gets in the box with him and then he leaves the nest. Almost like he is trying to show the hen where to lay her egg. (I got one of this times on video. The Mille Fleur hen in this video give me her first egg next day)

    I don’t know what to make out of this behavior, I don’t know if chickens have that instinct of sharing the broody duty or is just my rooster a very strange rooster. On the other hand this is the same rooster who use to mount my silkie rooster witch use to be his favorite up until three weeks ago, when I sold the silkie. Now his favorite is Foxy and he follows her everywhere like a shadow.
    This video is with Foxy, before she went broody, and she use to be very dramatic every time she had to lay an egg.

    This is Foxy

    This is George watching Foxy

    watching Foxy on a different day

    ....and again watching Foxy....

    George inside the nesting box

    this is the outside nesting box. On the left side is Foxy. This photo is from today, and that's where she stayed all day.

    The nesting box attached to the coop
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    As far as fertility I don't think there is any way to tell unless you either open the egg to look at the yoke or candle the egg in about 10 days to see if there is development.
    She might get off occasionally but she will return. You might have a problem with her going to the wrong nest box and sitting on different eggs unless you separate her some how. Hatching in 21 days. Touching them won't hurt them. Only hens set on eggs, not roosters. If you want to save a few eggs I wouldn't put them in the fridge, just put them in a carton in a cool area of your house. Pointed end of the egg should be on the bottom.
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    First I've got to say I thing that is the cutest nest boxes I've ever seen!! [​IMG]

    I just assume mine are cause my little fellas are constantly having fun!!

    Mine started hatching on day 19

    I would pull mine off the eggs every other day for her to take a disgusting broody poo [​IMG] SHe wouldn't stay off more than a minute or so!!

    My first one did, didn't have any trouble with her. They second one would not stay on them at all once I moved her! Tried 5 times!!

    No, put them in an egg carton pointy side down till you have as many as you want. Don't go over a week or so.

    My problem with leaving them inside the coop is when they get off the nest to potty they sometimes get on the wrong eggs! (Had that happen too!)

    I would seperate as soon as you can!! (But that's just me!)

    No, she won't lay until about 8 weeks after they hatch!!

    No the rooster will not sit on the eggs!

    Hope I helped a bit!! Good luck!!
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    Mar 4, 2010
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    First of all.....great coop/run/nest boxes [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yes the hen stays on the eggs almost all the time night and day. Only moving to eat and drink (hopefully)
    I would try moving some eggs inside the coop and putting her on them, if she is really serious about brooding she will hopefully set on them. I would consider making a sectioned off area in the coop for her to hatch the eggs. If she hatches them with the others around they will kill the babies.
    Dont put the eggs in the refrigerator! Store them in a cool dry place, I use my closet down stairs.
    She will lay eggs for a certain period then stop, mine lays about 8 then stops.
    No roosters dont sit on eggs. At least not normal ones.
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    Sep 8, 2010
    North Carolina
    Thank you all for your kind comments.
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    I don't have a clue, but your coop set up is wonderful.
  7. arianna

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    North Carolina
    After several days of observing her, I finally decided to let her go broody. [​IMG] First I had to figure out where is the best place to set her up. The outside nesting box (witch she preferred) was not a good choice because at night she wanted to go inside the coop with the other chickens. So, I made a temporary separations inside the coop and put her there with ten eggs that I gather in two days. At first when I moved her she tryed to get back in the original nest (outside box), but on my third try she finaly settled in the new nest. She has been there all night, and so far, all day today (yesterday she was in the outside nest). She went out only once today for few minutes to eat and do her business. I put some food and water close to her and I even got her some special treats “Happy Hens dry meal worms”. This is my first broody experience and I hope everything will go well. [​IMG] I feel bad for the poor girl,because she has already lost some weight just from the past few days keep trying to sit on eggs and not eating enough. I got some food supplements that I mixed with her scratch grain for some extra proteins and vitamins. I hand feed her few times today, because I am worry about her not eating enough. [​IMG]
    I know for sure from witch hen are 7 out of 10 eggs and the other three I have them with a question mark. I marked all eggs with a number, and I wrote in my note book each number to what hen belongs to.
    This are the eggs I put in:
    2 Buff Brahma (one of them is show quality hen) fertile by my Buff Brahma rooster [​IMG]
    1 Light Brahma (fertile by my Buff Brahma rooster)[​IMG]
    1 blue splash cochin (fertile by Buff Brahma or silver duckwing rooster) [​IMG]
    1 silver lace cochin ( show quality) (don’t know if her eggs are fertile)[​IMG]
    1 Golden Seabright (fertile by silver duckwing rooster)[​IMG]
    1 White Mille Fleur (mix) fertile by Buff Brahma or silver duckwing rooster:confused:
    3 not sure eggs but one I believe is an OE Mille Fleur (fertile by Buff Brahma or silver duckwing rooster)[​IMG]

    I'm hoping that everything will go well and my Foxy will be a mommy with [​IMG]

    This is the new set up. I have another baby gate for the front door during day, that I took down for photos.

    I love this rooster every day more. I love how concern he is about the hens to be happy. When the girls get in a fight he always gets in the middle. He’s very sweet with me, never show any aggression toward humans, but he does chase the little silver duckwing rooster every time that one tries to mount one of his girls.
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  8. arianna

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    Sep 8, 2010
    North Carolina
    I have a broody hen on her second day (my first broody). [​IMG] I got ten eggs under her, and I am curious to know what should I expect if they all or some of the eggs will hatch.[​IMG]
    {A} What do I get if my Buff Brahma rooster is mix with:
    1) Blue splash Cochin 2) Partridge Cochin 3) Silver lace Cochin 4) Golden Seabright
    5) OE Mille Fleur
    6) white mix Mille Fleur
    7) Light Brahma

    {B} What do I get if my silver duckwing rooster is mix with:
    1) Blue splash Cochin 2) Partridge Cochin bantam
    3) Silver lace Cochin 4) Golden Seabright
    5) OE Mille Fleur
    6) white mix Mille Fleur
    7) Light Brahma
    8) Buff brahma

    Thank you.
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    you get chicks!!![​IMG] sorry I couldn't resist. you have to put your coop in this contest.
    Model Coop contest: Organized and judged by Drumstick Diva because no one else wanted the job. Prizes will be awarded to the top four winners. Winners will be announced on this thread at close of contest March 14,2011. Winners will be personally contacted thru email or pm. At that time they must submit full mailing address so prices can be sent out.

    Model coops do not have to be to scale but they must NOT be large enough to actually house live chickens. Serama people - no tricks !! Models will be 3D (no drawings), made of any materials( that are not banned by Homeland Security) ie, cardboard, poster board, legos, modeling clay, bricks, straw, styrofoam, bamboo, ice blocks, plus whatever else comes to mind.

    ENTRIES: one model coop entry per participant. Entries will be the actual post of photos, coop name and BYC user name. In respect of BYCERS with dial up PLEASE
    DO NOT SUBMIT huge photos. Entrant may post several photos of said coop to better show off features. A brief description should be included explaining points of interest. This contest is for model COOPS only. Run need not be included and will not enhance chances of winning.

    JUDGING: will be at the whim and reason of Drumstick Diva. Coops will be judged primarily on CUTENESS FACTOR., cute being a subjective term it's a wide open field. Cute could be a well turned roost bar, a really chic nesting box, unique color, unusual choice of building material, little gimmicks or gizmos that the judge would like to play with., or none of those things depending on the mood when judge makes final selection. Judge's decisions are absolutely final, begging, bribery, threats will have no affect on her placements.

    Prizes: will be awared for 1st.thru 4 First prize winners get to select his/her)prize from list of offerings. Second and third place winners will do likewise. Fourth place contestant gets whatever is left (sorry!) Prizes include: chicken themed waist belt caddy with pockets (great for eggs): chicken themed note cards(2 designs, 6 cards of each) plus envelopes: Five ($ 5.) dollar gift card for Walmart: 2011 Rooster calendar (yes I know it's almost March but, hey it was on clearance)

    Rules subject to change at whim. But prizes will be awarded and sent out as promptly as they can be packed up. Questions: are always welcome.If expressed kindly and with no threat of malice , If I don't know the answer I will be proud to make one up.

    Model builders start your engines. Entry postings on this thread. Deadline for entries March 7-2011. Contest ends March 14,2011 when winners will be selected and announced here.
    " Better small than not at all."

    Model Chicken Coop Contest entry deadline March 7,2011
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    Re: Model Coop contest - entry deadline March 7,2011
    drumstick diva wrote:
    you have to put your coop in here.
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    DANG YOU! Now I have to go to Home Depot. LOL I love your Hotel.

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