My first broody!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by UGAchick, Jun 22, 2010.

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    And I am so excited!!! I went to check on the flock this afternoon, and Henny was sitting on the nest. I went back a few hours later and she was still there. I tried to lift her and she puffed up like a marshmallow and hissed like a snake. So I let her be.

    I went back a couple hours after that and did another test. I lifted her again (and got the same reaction), and noticed that she is missing most of the feathers on her underside. She also felt really hot. So I let her be.

    Then I decided that since I am having pretty poor luck with the incubator, that I would take the eggs out of there and put them under her. I hope this works!! They were shipped eggs from the June egg swap. I would be so excited if they hatch!!!

    She is a bantam hen (of unknown and probably mixed heritage) who is now sitting very comfortably on 12 serama eggs and two of her own. I took the two that she was sitting on from her because I didn't want her to have a staggered hatch. I am a little concerned that the seramas might hatch before her eggs (even though they were set on the same day), but it should only be off by a day or two. The eggs were in the incubator for six days and I had yet to candle. Shouldn't matter right? If they aren't good then she will kick them out?? I am new to this broody business!
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    I can't help you with answers but I have my first broodies, 2 at the same time sitting on the same nest. It is the first time in 3 years I've been without a rooster...wouldn't you know it. I had to scramble to find fertile eggs for the first and then again for the second. Mine chicks will be a surprise to us all. Good luck to both of us.
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    You will need to candle them. Mine have sat on nothing and never kicked the bad ones out. i am sure that each broody hen does it there own way but make sure and candle! You don't want one to explode!!!! YUCK!
    I have also taken them from the bator and put them under the hen. I figure they can do a better job than I can and I have also taken
    them from the hen and put them in the bator.
    Good luck and have fun waiting!! LOL!!!

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