My first Chicken coop, almost done


8 Years
May 22, 2011
So I figured it's time I introduce myself on here seeing as I have been stalking this site/forum during my entire chicken adventure. I really appreciated all the posts by forum members showing and documenting their builds, it was extremely helpful to me. So it seems right that i put my build up here in order to get positive criticism and possibly help others that come later.
So I guess I can't post pictures yet since I'm a new member. It doesn't even allow me to link to my picasa album. That's a bummer. I wish I could show some pictures as I really am happy with how its turned out.

Anyways, I really am enjoying having chickens, they are almost 3 months old now so no eggs yet but they seem happy in their coop. Our chicks are just layers, no meat chicks. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and I don't think I could do that anyways, I have become pretty fond of our three chicks. Not sure what breeds they are, we picked them up from a local elementary school that bought the chicks to teach the kids about them and once they were a week old they found them homes. The three we took are all different colors which makes telling them apart easier. We live in Tucson, AZ so I tried to build the hen house with good ventilation, we will see how good I did in the coming months. I have heard from some people that they end up putting misters in the coop for the hot summer months but our coop is in a decently shady spot (at least shady for AZ). As far as the building materials for the coop I was able to gather all the wood for free, either by reusing old wood or finding discarded/donated lumber. The coop in total only cost me about $150 which was spent mostly on the wire mesh and the corrugated steel for the roof, plus a little hardware. Well that's the quick intro, hopefully I can get some pics up soon. Thanks to all of the members here as there is a wealth of information on this site.

Hi from NC
So I uploaded pictures to "My Uploads" but I'm guessing you all can't access that though. Now I'm trying to see if I can post pics on my page, without much luck.

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