My first chicken eggs in incubator


In the Brooder
6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I just set some blue Breda eggs in the incubator. I've had this unit for close to 20 years and it is amazing. These were shipped eggs, so hopefully some are viable.
Good luck! I set my eggs for the first time 3 days ago fingers crossed! I put them out in the garage so I cant mess lol!
14 out of 15 are growing. I can't believe it after being shipped from the west coast. That said, it doesn't mean they will hatch but a good start.
Yay!!! Thats great! I checked mine this morning and it looks like 10 out of 12 are alive- one being a double yolker! I didnt realise as its not really very big compared to the other eggs! Even so its alive!
Out of the 14 fertile I have 10 in the brooder 1 still hatching and 3 that were fully developed but failed to get into the air cell and died. I tried to save them but was too late, out of those 3, 2 were positioned correctly and 1 was not.
Oh sorry to hear about the failed 3 :-( iv got one that needed help to hatch because my machine is rubbish and has been leaking water! Iv got two currently pipping and had to go out and buy a brinsea mini to finish the process....just hope movibg them hasnt damaged any. Good luck with the others!
Good luck with your hatch. I don't think moving them should be a problem. Correction, I have 10 total. I forgot I had one die in shell last week. That last egg had to be helped and has much larger feet than the others.

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