My first chickens! What breed is she?


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Jun 5, 2009
I was told she is an Araucana. From my research I know she is not a real Aracana- but is she an Amerarucana?

She looks like a seabird to me! I'm not sure how old she is? We got her at the local feed store along with a Rhode Island Red (the other one in the photo you can barely see is a California White we hatched from an egg!). She has half her adult feathers and half fluff. And she has BLUE feet!

Looks like an EE (easter egger) to me... Are her legs greenish in color? Here's one of mine close to that age:

ETA: Sorry didn't see that you said she has blue feet... Probably an EE, feedstores typically don't get true Araucanas in... Somebody correct me if I'm wrong on that one though
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It looks like her long lost sister!

So they are called EEs- or Easter Eggs? Yes, her feet are a blue/green color. She is the noisiest of the three! Is this normal (and the most needy! If I pick up her buddy the California White, she freaks out that she is left alone with just the Red!

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