My first chicks!!!

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Well, we picked up our first chicks today, 3 americauna pullets. I will post pics later, they are so stinkin' cute! They seem exhausted after the ride home from the feed store. I had no idea three little chickies could create so much noise, the ride home was LOUD. All three have found the food and water already and now they are resting. Heads keep popping up to see what I am doing (the computer is in the same room with them for the moment). We have an order from McMurray coming in two weeks also. What an adventure this is going to be! So glad to have found this forum!

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    Feb 10, 2011
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    So exciting. I am waiting on our first chicks too!!! Good luck.
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    You will not find any more helpful or knowledgeable folks than those here on BYC. I learned SO much from members and the resources offered to me when I needed information. Sometimes I discovered it after the fact - oh, THAT makes sense now! - and so often it helped me avoid costly mistakes.

    I now have so many friends I've never met, with whom I "correspond" regularly. Without BYC, keeping chickens would not have been the pleasure it has been for me.

    And yes, the little fuzz-butt goobers are so darned cute! Wait until you hear all the different sounds they make; my favorite is a trill, their happy, contented sound. [​IMG]

    If you think they are dead, tap the walls of the brooder and watch 'em startle awake. They fall asleep anywhere, in any position, even with their legs stretched out behind them. They can fall asleep whilst eating.

    And what looks like a seizure, with their little bodies on their sides, kicking and waving a wing, is - in reality - just a dust-bath in the brooder bedding. [​IMG]
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