My First Chicks


6 Years
May 9, 2015
First day in the new coop
Persephone- SLW
Artemis- SS
Tiger- EE

Hera- EE
Persephone the SLW and Athena a Speckled Sussex
Aphrodite- SLW
I got my very first chicks back on March 23rd. 6 lovely young ladies. We just put them out in their big girl coop last weekend. My DH got me 4 more babies to complete the flock. I now have 2SLW, 4EE, 2 speckled sussexs, and 2RIR. Thinking one red is a roo, and I will have to re-home him. I am so excited for my small flock. Here are pics of my first 6. I will take some photos of the babies and post them later. :)
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Cute girls you have there! Thanks for sharing your photos
I cannot wait until I get that first egg. I know I will be in pins and needles when it gets closer. ;)

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