My First Coop and Run. Need input before chickens are added.


6 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Northern Nevada
Brooder box with 3 to 4 week old chicks. 10 more chicks in a couple weeks for a total of 13.

The coop was here when we bought our home, but had not been used in a long time and had no run. We have done a lot of clean up, repair and started the run. We need input now so changes or additions can be made before adding the chicks.

Western exposure

Northern Exposure with my door into the run, through the shade room.


Shade room is 9.5' x 5', we have installed a heavy metal screen over the old pop hole. It
has plywood over dirt for the floor. I am thinking of adding some roosting poles, a hard plastic kiddie pool with sand for dusting and then straw all around the dust bath.


We are planning to install an automatic coop door through the wall from the shade room and a window outside the shade room, but in the same wall that is shared with the coop nesting/roosting room.

Eastern exposure has my door into the coop nesting/roosting room and next to it a storage room.

Storage room has shelves, light, electrical outlet. Cement floor was added after the building already existed so it does not go wall to wall. We filled in the gap between the cement pad and the walls with gravel.

The nesting/roosting room has lights, (Cement floor that was added after the building already existed, so it does not go from wall to wall. We filled in the gap between the cement pad and the walls with gravel.)
It is approximately 8' by 7'. We are planning on using branches for roosting poles.

This is the proposed location of the auto coop door, from inside.

Here is the largest part of the run, it is a little bigger than the shade room. We are planning to add a cover or top to the run.

Southern Exposure

Corner of the run and chicken entrance to shade room.

We are in Northern Nevada and have sun 300 days a year. So we are planning on adding solar to the coop to run the auto door and winter light, possibly a heat lamp as well. We have cold winters with snow.

Known predators are skunks, raccoon, predatory birds, and coyotes. I'm sure there are more that I haven't thought of.

I appreciate your time for reviewing and any comments. Thank you so much.
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