My first coop build! With pics!!!


Apr 13, 2020
We got 3 battery hens rescue and they were in a temporary enclosure while me and my husband built this we literally winged it is not 100% straight/level or perfect but for our first build it is quite cool.

We got all of the wood reclaimed and already had the old mesh panels all we had to buy was a few rolls of hardware cloth and various screws, hinges and the tarp for the top. We had the old poles lying around to prop the tarp up to stop it sagging in the rain. So far it's cost under £50 I still need to paint the mesh panels with silver rust paint and paint the frame and get some bunting to finish off.

Here is a few pics

This is the first layout inside we had but I have added bits and made changes along the way.


20200607_134605 (1).jpg

Here is our shadey shelter with dust bath and nest boxes and a real grass roof the big section of wood is going to have wall hanging herb boxes

my favourite place to sit with a cup of tea!

The run is tucked down the side of our garden and do not sleep in here they sleep in an old brick shed. Which is directly opposite the run.

That's were they sleep put I have lined the floor with tarp then shredded cardboard added a good roosting bar with poop boards keep the window unfixed and hardware clothed were the window should be for ventilation . Being in the UK am lucky to only have the Fox as the only predator.

The run has a sand base but a changing to coco fiber (coir) or wood chips soon.
Any constructive criticism is welcome am still new to keeping chickens


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