My First Coop!!!!!!!!

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  1. gunnarmcc

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    Jun 10, 2011
    SSF, CA
    I just finished converting a rabbit hutch into a Chicken Coop, I had the opportunity to get a couple chickens thru a family friend and i jumped at the oppurtunity. I live in an suburban neighborhood but i think this if pretty good for now. might try to find a way to make the run longer but there are a few things that i need to do before; hardware cloth on the front door maybe plywood to seal it up a little not all the way ? i also need to cut a 2nd little window in the back and cover it with hardware cloth for ventilation. [​IMG]


  2. Good looking birds! [​IMG] I think you'll love the chicken activity. Coop seems to work and maybe after a few days, let em out to play and eat bugs and stuff. They'll know where home is at night.
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    Dec 14, 2009
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    good job, you have a hen there that will be a fantastic momma, i have one and she is by a massive distance the best momma out of my flock of 12, she is half the size of the others, she lays her body on the line to protect the chicks and she teaches them everything any chick will ever need to know

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