My First Crooked Beak


6 Years
Dec 1, 2013
Nashville, TN
Hello! I noticed yesterday one of the chicks I'm raising has a crooked beak. I have 25 chicks that are just about 2 months old most of them are cuckoo marans. The one with the crooked beak is a cuckoo. Tonight when i fed them for the 3rd time today I noticed she's still pecking away at the food and all the others seem to have gotten their fill. Obviously she's not able to get enough food in there with that crooked beak.

Suggestions?? Should I trim it? Cull?? I'd hate to have to end her life before she even made it out of the garage as we don't eat our chickens.

You can trim the beak. Putting feed in a deep dish or moistening it makes it easier for such chicks to eat. Such birds need extra attention throughout their lives.
She needs a deep dish for both food and water, and will need TLC to survive and grow. She will be very challenged supporting egg laying, as it requires excellent nutrition. She will not be able to forage effectively, as far as getting things off the ground. Check her body condition by handling her and comparing her to flockmates, and cull if she's malnourished. Mary

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