My first dark eggs!


13 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Saint Paul, MN
Just had to post this. I've never had dark egg-layers before and was soooo surprised and amazed to find these in the coop over the past couple days! I think one or both are definitely the product of the pullet who is supposedly a BCM/RIR cross (but maybe pure BCM because of the darkness of those eggs?); I also have an Olive Egger who might have laid one - she has a pea/single comb so might not have the blue egg gene. One of the eggs is huge with black speckles; the other is darker, smaller, with a reddish hue to it.

That dark one is very nice! I have 5 BCM hens, and find their eggs range from solid dark, to lighter brown with dark speckles, and everything between the two.

I love all the different colors you have! When all mine start laying I'll get dark brown, light brown and white. I may have to add a couple EE's next year for green/blue eggs.

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