My first duck egg?


8 Years
Nov 20, 2014
My duck coop
We got our 3 ducks in February, its May and we found this egg in their coop, we figured they are to young to lay and I thought duck eggs were white. Either way here is the pic, I don't know if it is a duck egg or not, but I can tell you I have seen the Rhode Island red in the duck coop, she flew in from the run, here is a picture of our set up, my first picture of it.

I saw the RIR (Rhode Island Red) poking her head out of the house near the ramp. She might have laid the egg i don't know thats why Im asking for help
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no they cannot lay an egg at that young usually, unless they are like gentically egineered or something or on some mature quickly chemicals , also ive never seen seen a ducks egg that color
That's what It figured but my relatives (who know nothing about ducks) were insisting it was them since it was on their side, my guess it was the chicken because it didn't just come out of nowhere

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