My first EE

Blue Rooster

5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
This is Kuu, she was my first EE ever. We have had her for the past 3 years. Now EE are one of my favorite chickens, i love them so much and there personality's. And now we have 8 more EE.

Fun facts about Kuu:
1 She hates being around other chickens
2 She loves people
3 She likes hanging out under our car
4 She loves standing in and drinking mud.
5 She likes to jump on our head or shoulder

Cute. She sounds like a little character. I bet she likes jumping on her person's head after sanding in the mud puddle.
I can just see her doing that too! Kind of like my Great Dane, when you walk out of the room all dressed up, and he slimes you with his slobber!

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