MY FIRST EGG!!!!!!! What breed is it from?


5 Years
May 1, 2014
Spokane WA
Hey Guys!!!!!

I finally got my first egg today! i had the window open and was woken up by the sound of one of my girls clucking very loudly (egg song) and went out to find the first egg! so happy and excited! Anyway, my question is what hen layed it?

i have one new hampshire red, three black australorps, and one dutch bantam, all of which are hens and about the same age (22 weeks). I am wondering which girl layed it? the egg was pretty small, and i found it in the corner of the pen area on the ground. One of the smaller australorps usually doesnt let the dutch bantam near the nest boxes, so i wanted to know for sure what bird the egg came from.

Congrats on the egg! I got my first egg today too!

Which of the hens has been showing interest in laying? Any squatting, singing, nest box investigating? What color is the egg?

Again, congrats!
Thanks You! Congrats t o you to! the egg is light brown, but all of the hens have been doing a little singing, and ive seen black and orange feathers in the lay boxes, so im not really sure whos it is. My nhr comb is HUGE and so is the australorps. and all of 2 australorps and the nhr has been doing the submissive squat and i cant catch the dutch bantam to see lol.

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