My first encounter with the law.. need advice.. *part vent*

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    Today was my first encounter with the law dealing with/relating to my chickens - specifically the roosters.

    So when I pull into the garage today (I have my permit) my mom is telling me about what happened this afternoon. Our neighbors who live across the street and a few houses down, find a rooster in their bushes. They call my mom and say "I have one of your roosters over here." and my mom is thinking "oh god..". Now these people are from the "suburbs" of Chicago and they don't expect to live in a rural area, even though that's kinda what our town is - mostly farmers. So she runs outside to double check that the gate wasn't left opened and calls my dad to make sure how many of each I have. So eventually she goes over to my neighbors and as soon as she sees it, she said "nope, that's not my son's." And immediately thought it was our other neighbors' chicken. In the past they had roosters and dealed with these same neighbors and, honestly, I'm glad they got rid of them. Those roosters would've suffered to no end.

    There 11 year old son ended up taking these roosters (mind you these are BIG roosters) to a farm across the neighborhood to board them there and pay rent which I know is at least 30-50 dollars a month, maybe more. These neighbors have sense of responsibility for their animals! They let their two dogs run around everywhere and we just got a new dog warden so we need a dog license. Then they also had rabbits, hamsters, snakes, fish, ducks, and cats. OMG CATS! They won't get their stupid cat fixed! It has litters of kittens every year! These people make me sick. They're loosing grip on their son, mostly because they spend all of their time pampering their daughters AND they think they are such great Christians and self-righteous that the rules don't apply to them! [​IMG] (not to offend any Christians here as I am one too, but honestly, these people don't deserve the title.)

    And i'm sure you're wondering how the rooster got there in the first place? Well it turns out their son, who's a middle child and the parents SPOIL their oldest and youngest daughters, ended up bringing two roosters home to butcher them! COME ON! Who lets an 11 year old butcher a rooster BY HIMSELF?!?! Sheesh! So they ended up butchering one and the other got away... well... guess where it went? Right to their neighbor's.

    And just to save some of your time, my mom ended up calling the owner's of the rooster. My mother said that you could tell that she was lying and that she didn't give a [email protected] about this rooster. The neighbors who found the rooster in the garden ended up calling the sheriff. So the sheriff starts talking to some other neighbors who we don't tend to get along with either, so we usually leave them be. Who knows what they said about this... My mother also called the farm where their son was boarding the roosters and the ownder said she was tired of these chickens too. The son is also suppose to notify if he is going over there because the lady also has her own flock. And now that the sheriff was driving around our neighborhood he was sure to see our chickens. All the more for me to be worried that I may have a chance to lose my first backyard flock. I have been calling several people in our area asking if they want them or if they could butcher them and they either don't want them or we need a larger amount of birds. I would gladly fight to keep them, but my Mom and Dad do not need anymore stress than I do or to get involved with the law again. (We had some trouble with my brother this summer. He did "bad" things.)

    -exhales breath- Vent is over... and any advice on this situation would be great. I am trying to find places to either butcher or give away my roosters ASAP. Several of our neighbors have relatives who live on farms. If there is anything you didn't understand I'd be happy to explain it once more. Sorry if it was long, but Thank you. [​IMG]
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    I would check the ordinances under your city government to find out about how many chickens you can have etc.

    I just found out that we can have roosters in our city, but everyone's been telling me that you cant. So everyone has been wrong.

    It pays to check.

    Good luck

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