My First (Ever!) Chickie Babies Arrive in 12 Hours!!

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So, after months of research, reading, talking to people, more research, and then waiting for the chicks to arrive, starting tomorrow morning my family and I will begin a new adventure...we have 6 Barred Rock girls arriving in the morning.
The brooder is ready and tested, the container to bring them home is is prepared, and the kids have been warned that we need to behave quietly and gently so the chicks can relax and settle into their new home. We can't wait (well, DH can but he'll warm up)!

Any last minute advice from all you chicken-pros out there?
Anything specifically Barred Rock related?

BTW, thank you all here on BYC for your input, teaching, photos, kindness and laughs. You were all instrumental in my deciding that yes, I could give this a try.

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