my first ever pheasants are hatching

9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
i have some chinese ringneck crossed with american ringneck pheasant eggs that started hatching thi morning!!!
. it is killing me not to open the incubator and just pull him out:barnie. i am hoping to have chicks by tonight or in the morning. i will be feeding wild game starter. i have already built thier pen. i had it from when i got my first guineas. but i have a few questions. can they be housed beside chickens? what type nest boxes will they need? and do i need to put any kind of cut down tree in there?


10 Years
May 28, 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
In the grand scheme of things, I guess it'd be better to have them separated from chickens, however, my pheasant pen is in an area where my chickens have access to come right up to it..... You may or may not ever have trouble.

Mine just lay on the ground wherever they feel like it.

They would enjoy tree limbs and things....places for them to hide and perch and whatnot.

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