My first experience with wry neck

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    So out of all the silkies I have hatched I have one that developed wry neck. It is 2 and a half weeks old and it came on very quickly! Fine in the AM and when I got home "she" was laying funny. When I pickerd her up she did the exorcist thing. I immediatley ran out and got some Polyvisol (no Iron) and Vit E pills. I couldn't get much of the Vitamin E oil in her, but did get a few drops of Polyvisol in her mouth. I seperated her from ger age group and gave her 2 one week old chicks to keep her company. They now all have Polyvisol in their water.

    So...that was last night....This AM she seemed a bit better no more exorcist upsidedown head when I picked her up. I tried to give her some more Vit E oil but figured I would hold off on the Polyvisol drops until tonight if at all since it is in her water. She is getting around fine, drinking, and eating.

    My question long does it usually take to see a drastic improvement? This was one I was really hopefull about adding to my breeding program as I need more blacks. If he/she does recover should I find it a pet home or will it be ok to breed?

    Is there anything else I should be doing for the baby?
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    One of mine had wry neck (took me a week to figure out what was wrong with her) I gave her the polyvisol and vit.e everyday for a week-then continued the vitamin e for one more week (thats what was suggested in this forum) it actually took her almost 3 full weeks before she was back to normal-I had her in a seperate area and would her her neck up slightly for her to eat and make sure she drank ok-I put small feeders like bird feeders from a birdcage and hooked them on the side of her cage filled with food and water and put the polyvisol mixed with vitamin e in there so I new exactly what she drank to make sure she had those doses everyday-mine was about 6weeks old when it happened-it was alot of monitoring but shes really healthy and a little spoiled now!!!!! Good Luck.

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