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6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
I have raised these birds from chicks and they are now several months old. It is clear I have one rooster in the mix Can be remain in residence with just three hens? Everyone seems to be getting along. He has a great personality and I really want to keep him. We handle him frequently and he seems fine with the interaction. Thanks!
Should be fine. Some roos are more, um, randy than others. If your hens are getting battered, probably best to re-home him, otherwise, no problem.
Sometimes as the hormones kick in roosters may turn mean, roosters in small flocks can badly beat up hens because when roosters mount hens they will get some feathers ripped out. But as long as he is getting along well with the other chickens you should keep him.
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Your rooster should be fine with three pullets. I would say just keep an eye on the pullets for them getting too beat up. Also there are always ways to try and break roosters from biting at the hens too much or any bird from biting another too much for that matter.
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I have 1 rooster, 3 hens and 4 small chicks at the moment. One of the hens is broody and sitting and one is busy raising her chicks. But there hasn't been any problems. The one "available" hen is not getting too much attention and the broodies are being left in peace. So it can be done, but it does depend on the rooster.

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