My first flock!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by All4JnG, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Central Florida
    By the end of this week I will have the starts of my flock. My Grandparents had chickens that I helped with but that was years ago.
    I'll be getting 3-5 silkie chicks at 1-2 days by the end of this week. At some point I think I will add a few buff orpington's. Just curious if any other "new flockers" what to share the experience, trade pics, tips, advice etc.
    I'll be posting pics of my new babies as soon as I get them.:D
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Enjoy your first flock! I have Silkies, and I really love them [​IMG]

    Take lots of pics when they're little, they sure grow up fast!
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