My first goose egg!


11 Years
Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
I was just wondering if my White Chinese goose was a male or a female in this thread:

Well, I got my answer! Sunday evening I found my very fist goose egg, and I got another one today.
I cleaned them up (they were covered mud) and I put them in the closet with a steady temp of 58 degrees. They don't have a nest box and I thought she might want to go broody, so I am storing them for a few days. Will a large dog house with pine shavings work? Also, what are the chances of her going broody and what size clutch will she lay before she does? I can just see the little goslings now!
She won't go broody if she has no eggs to brood. Leave the eggs in her nest and she will sit when she's ready. Usually about 12 eggs, sometimes more, sometimes less
A large dog house would work very well but I'd use hay or straw instead of shavings. She will cover the nest (eggs) with the straw/hay when she leaves the nest, even if she was just there to lay.
Okay thanks. I am probably going to put the dog house in their tomorrow. I just haven't had time yet and she laid them both in the mud puddle by their pool.
Thanks again, I hope we get some babies!

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