My first goose post - helping rehome a foundling White Chinese


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I am usually over on the duck forum (ten runner girls). But yesterday I found there is a rescued White Chinese needing a home (thinking pet, watchdog, long term gig, not dinner table).

More information should be available to me later today. Meanwhile, I would appreciate some experienced goose-meisters' insights on WCG personalities, what they can offer (so far I have seen good egg laying of they're female, good watchdogs, smaller than other geese), and what they need (again so far I have seen grass, and keep them away from plants you don't want them to eat).

Do I understand correctly that ganders have a more prominent knob, and are a bit heavier? Since we don't have any others handy to compare to, this could be tricky. Big clue: in three days, no eggs. But, it's late winter. Is that really a clue, or just an indication that the goose has been hungry and cold?

As I mentioned, more information forthcoming, I hope. Right now I think I am looking for a goose-loving person or family with some grassy areas and shelter suitable for a goose.

Shelter - what kind of shelter? Do they generally get along in a mixed flock? Will they go after the family's beloved schnauzer?
IMHO, no eggs is not much of a clue. It's still winter, it's cold, the goose could be stressed.

Geese should be offered some kind of shelter even though they may not use it. If you have predators in your area it should be protected from those.

How it gets along in a mixed flock and whether it will go after the schnauzer depends on its upbringing and on how the other animals are introduced. If it's scared of the other animals, it may bite them. If it's curious, it may nibble on them.

Geese are very autistic in their behaviour; they like what they know and trust - and dislike anything new or unusual. They like today to be exactly like yesterday and tomorrow to be exactly like today. But they're curious, too and will eventually investigate new things - though it may take them months to overcome their natural distrust.

They love grass, as you mentioned, but they can eat chicken or duck pellets too. Mine likes anything crunchy, so I try to keep him away from the dry cat food, cookies and Triscuits and offer them only as treats in very small amounts.

It will need water to drink, to rinse its eyes and bill and preferably to bathe in.
Thanks! The more I know the more helpful I may be in finding a proper home.

I was told today it weighs about 20 pounds (if I recall correctly), and the knob is rather large, and it's very talkative. Gander?

We are still waiting for a photo.
Any idea if the goose has been with other geese? It's going to need companions of SOME sort, and knowing what it's used to may help?
What I know right now is that it visited someone's suburban yard for five days before being rescued. No reports that it is mean, though, from those who have handled it.
Welllllll. I dont know if it just mine, but where as my brown chinese gander is a ham and a love my white chinese pair are not very friendly. My gander attacks me if i bend down =/

I have two schnauzers and the geese hate them even though they were raised right beside them- ducks were raised with them and dont care if they are there or not, same with the rabbits. I have a video of my schnauzer and the geese attacking eachother through the glass door, lol, not sure which was louder, a growling pup or the two ganders honking behind the female goose who nibbled the glass.

I have dog houses and tarps set up in a pen if they ever want to shelter in there but my brats free range. Plenty of grass and water and they should be happy. AMAZING guard geese - if they like you that is
My brown china still lets me cuddle him and is friendly while my WC pair arent as freindly . But they do give me a good show when they see my 280 lb dad and chase him across the yard, lol

All three of my brats free range

Gander - be a year in may


Pair :

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