My first little flock! (With lots of pictures!)


May 23, 2021
Wasilla, Alaska
I’m a pretty new chicken owner, but I got a good sized flock! And yes, my goats are part of the flock, my chickens have slept in the kennel with them, on their backs in the sun and follow them around he yard sometimes.
I have my oldest, who I got from a friend because her sister died and she started building nests in the water troths, her name is Cinnamon and I think she’s a black sex-link, she’s four and a half years old and super nice, she follows us around the yard for food, the my most mature, but also a total foodie, cinnamon queen long boarding hen Cayenne, Cayenne also taught all of them how to escape the brooder when they were younger and then taught them how to get of the top barn door, the skittish one that’s super jumpy but also one of my funniest ones Paprika, also a cinnamon queen hen, my scaredy-cat black Easter egger hen, Pepper, she’s kind of nice but I can rarely ever touch her or get pictures, she would also attack the other chicks but only when she was still smaller, my white and brown Easter egger hen, Garlic, she’s the stupid one, she doesn’t think to run until it’s either almost or is too late, or she’ll be getting chased and then just stop and stand there as if she gave up, or gets distracted, I love her though, she loves hugs, then there’s Salt, My grey Easter egger hen, she’s the mama one to my weakest pullet, not much to say about her but when they were little she was the to eat out of the others beak, the smallest one of the group.
Cayenne-Salt are about maybe 18 or 19 weeks old.
Then my French Cuckoo Marans,
There’s Basil, the very fast skittish pullet that likes to play-attack the other ones, Saffron who is smaller then the Basil and Cowboy but still the same as them, she’s always had this weird chirp that sounds like an alarm and it was either her or Cowboy who had Splay leg, I fixed it when she was growing up though, then there’s Cowboy, My only cockerel, he’s actually the slowest of the mobile chickens, he’s not at all mean but he still won’t crow, he only makes the same noise as all my hens, the “baaaaaaaawk”, he protects Crutchie too, if anyone has seen the old newsies they’ll understand why I named them what I did, then my last one, Crutchie, she’s the smallest and has one deformed leg but she is by far the smartest, loudest, sweetest and cuddliest of all of my chickens.
And of course can’t forget the goats, the two Norwegian dwarf weathers, peanut is sweet and loves food but he’s much smaller then snickers, snickers is the dominant one and still has a little stub of a horn left, we got them from the same lady we got cinnamon from cause they ate one of the boarded horses tails and had to go, so she gave them to use, they’re out sapling and weed removal, they just get tied up in the back where there’s tall grass and fireweed where we can’t get the lawn mower, they clear it out really fast.


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