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Apr 21, 2010
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I heard my roo crowing this morning, but found him wandering the yard, along with a few other chickens, while the pen door was still closed. To my horror I found feathers all over my yard! No bodies, just feathers! I lost two BOs, one of which was my favorite. She would stick by me while i was outside and not with the rest of the flock.

They were all tucked in last night, so it happened early this morning. It would appear that no all the wire around the pen was secure and something got in and dragged my girls out and finished them off! I have been leaving the coop door open, which will end immediately! Any idea what type of animal it would be? I live in a ruralish area along a creek. I was thinking it could be either fox or racoon. But how would it get two of them? Unless it was a pack.

This is such a sad day for me
I'm guessing coon. Be careful because they now no where to get dinner.I feel your pain I would be sad as well. Might consider getting a trap.
when its dark chickens are in a daze you could literallyhave your way with them if you were a predator.Sounds to me like a lesson learned. Always close the coop up at night. Sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss. I would get a trap too. If it is a coon it will search for the weakness in the coop. I bought a trap yesterday for because I have seen this coon twice. I caught a possum within 1 hour. It cost me 20.00 at Harbor Freight.
Thank you for your replies. I have a trap already and it will be put to use tonight. And yes, lesson learned, the coop door will be shut at bedtime.

Are there any other deterrants that I can use to scare off the coons?
Two words...electric fence.

Coop doors need to be closed BEFORE dark and not opened until after it is fully light.

Since putting up electric fence around our coop (we free range during the day) we have had no deaths in over 18 months. Turn it off before you open the coop door in the morning. This is the one we use:


Very inexpensive and cheap to operate. Worth every penny.
We almost lost one of our Bourbon Red hens to an owl last night. We heard her squeal and ran outside at 1:30, and promptly locked all the turkeys into the chicken run. When we got up, there were feathers all over the yard.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I have a favorite BO too.
I lost my favourite to a predator (Stray dog as best we can tell) and I still miss her each time I visit my flock. It sucks and it hurts and I'm so sorry.

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