MY first meat bird


10 Years
Jun 3, 2009
I will order my frist bird about sept 1 to have them ready when the temp start to get cool.

so my question is their any other place to get the Xrocks than MM. I have notting bad to say bad MM i have their chicks now and their doing great.
Just looking for a another place to order from.

I used to order them form MM but I found out about Moyers in PA, they seemed to be the same quality but much cheaper. Shop around and you should be able to find a decent price, where are you located anyhow?
Some places don't call them Cornish X's. Some call them White Broilers, the one I use calls them Hubbard White Mountain Broilers, etc, but most hatcheries sell them.
But the xrock and the white broilers are the same thing?/

thanks sam
The ones I've seen are- I guess I can't speak for all hatcheries. I'd say that if they call it a white broiler, it looks like the Cornish X, and they say it's ready for butcher in 8 weeks, you can be fairly sure that's what you're getting. If you're unsure, just ask them- they would be able to tell you because I'm sure they get asked that several times per day. Townline calls theirs Hubbard White Mountain Broilers, but in the listing, they say "commonly known as the Cornish Cross."
I'm ordering mine from Jmhatchery but they are freedom rangers. I guess not as dumb about free ranging as the cornish X We are getting ours this friday and they are our first also. Good luck with yours!
hi, got mine from Hoover today and they look great. They sent extra , I ordered 25 and got 28 . They came the day after they were shipped, I was surprised. Toooo cute for words, too bad they will be heading for the crock pot in fast order,lol:thumbsup

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