my first peachick new pic with little blue


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
today my peachick came out of his egg and he is so cute we think he might be a silver pied
here are some pics

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yep a silver pied, see how his foot looks tomorrow....he is still wet and fresh out of the eggs, his foot maybe fine. Best not to remove from incubator untill dry...good way for them to get chilled.
Not sure how well this would work with peachicks, but I give a few drops of B Complex liquid on the beak of chicken chicks that hatch with curled toes. Then I add a dropperful to a quart of water the first week. Curled toes can come from a vitamin B deficiency.
i took him out of the bator early because we had 30 more eggs not due till fri an didn't want him stumbling over all them.we already had a warm brooder set up for him with 11 turkeys for him cudle with born today aswell

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