My first puppy leaves on Saturday. Sad and happy all at once.

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Well my Gracie is going to be the first to go to her new home. They will be picking her up on Saturday, the rest will all be here an extra week at least. I hadn't planned to let any go until 8 weeks, but she will be a bit over 7 weeks, and the mom of the family has monday and tuesday of this next week off. So that will give her extra time with the puppy. Since Grace is eating well and seems to be doing good with being away from her mommy and siblings (we have been keeping her away from Anne today and tomorrow, so she's not nursing) so she gets lots of extra time inside with us when Annie is outside with the pups, and she gets to go outside with them when Annie comes in. They all had their hour of inside play this morning. I will miss that the most, the hour morning and night where they have free run of the house, five puppies running all over causing problems, and trying to steal socks and shoes! The rest of the day if its nice out they get the run of the garden, otherwise they are confined to the entryway and kitchen. Anyway, two more days with all five, then its down to four. I will miss my sweet Gracie but am glad to know she is going to a good home.

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    Aww! [​IMG] She is adorable.

    [​IMG] I can see how you can get attached to the little buggers. They are just so darn cute. Good luck! I hope everything goes well! [​IMG]
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    Look at that face [​IMG]
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    I LOVE those hound ears!!!!!!

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