My first Silkies


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Hello everyone,

This is day three with my three new silkies, and my first experience with chickens ever!
I've been so nervous and worried about them, and they seemed to want nothing to do with me! I've been putting them to bed every night because they haven't worked out where to go yet. Tonight dinner was running a little later then usual and the sun was going down. I heard "bok bok bok" and looked out the window to see my silkies at the gate of their run craning their necks and looking around for me. Super cute! A minute later I looked out and all three of them were on the ramp. I was hoping they were going to head on up to bed but I think they were trying to roost as I was taking too long.
I just wanted to share this story because I they have definitely worked their way into my heart looking around for me at bed time :) Loving my chickens.
Do Silkie chickens get along with Indian Runner Ducks? What if the ducks are laying eggs?

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