My first stab at coop design


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Mar 7, 2010
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Hi, all! Just registered to post, although I've been reading for awhile.

Reading through the forums, browsing books and topics, I've made my first attempt at a design. I plan on around 8 laying hens, but I am also planning on housing my laying retirees. The basic floor plan is 8'x6' . The winter low can be below 0, the high can hit 100, but those are extremes. Generally the winter is in the 20s, occasionally dipping down into the teens and single digits at night, and the summer is in the mid 80s to low 90s - but I think I need to insulate, at any rate. I'm planning on plywood exterior sheathing, insulation, plywood interior sheathing. For ventilation, 2 roof vents, screen, with a sliding board under that can be used to control amount of air moving, and a low screened vent about the size of the chicken door for air in. The floor will probably be linoleum, and the walls will be linoleum about halfway up.

I want to be able to stand (or at least only stoop slightly to do the cleaning, which is why the side heights are slightly over 6' (I'm 5'11" so even that's close).

My concerns -

-- my initial material estimate is around $850, with the majority of expense in the area of plywood. This seems high for my first attempt at chickens. I have been watching the classifieds and the local Habitat for used materials.
-- window area seems like it might be high for the interior, allowing too much sun in. I'm thinking about flipping the design so that the windows face north instead of south (that way I can see into the coop from the house). Then I'm worried about too much colder north-facing window.
-- ventilation - not sure I have enough.

Sorry for the image, but the original was pencil and wouldn't scan so I had to go over it in pen.



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Looks cute to me. I'm a coward so I've not posted my idear for a coop yet... when we start building I'll take pics, and if it doesn't turn out to be a disaster I'll post them... but until then my cowardly lips are sealed.


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Mar 7, 2010
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More drawings (again pen traced over pencil for scanning) of the north and south faces. The site slopes downhill to the west.


2 - 2'x3' opening windows
1 - 72" x 32" solid wood man door (probably cut down from standard 80"
12 - 4x8 CDX plywood (exterior walls, roof - can substitute T-111)
10 - 4x8 interior plywood or other thinner material for interior walls
2 - 4x8 subfloor sheets
38 - 2x4x8
6 - 2x4x10

Simpson ties

fiberglass bat insulation
2 roof vents
screening for windows
blocking for roof vents
sonotube forms

plywood for nest boxes (have this in scrap)
2x4 for roosts (probably have in the woodpile)

lumber and wire for screened runs, not yet drawn out....

screws, nails etc etc etc


have the tools, at least.

oh, and I need some chicks..... that's the easy part. Both of the local feed stores just started to get chicks in.


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Nice design !! We plan to move to the country in 5 years after my son finishes school. I plan to built a walk in myself then as well as increase my flock size. The coop my four ladies are in now will someday become a place for hens to raise their chicks


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Mar 7, 2010
near Crater Lake NP, Oregon
This makes me almost want to buy one (semi-) locally instead of build -

(Craigslist link, Medford, Oregon, good as of 3/8/2010)

We're in Design Phase 2, scaled back to a 6x6 raised coop. The spouse talked me out of the big coop until we've had chickens for a bit and decide that we want to keep going. I'm using this as my design inspiration:

I've dragged out the old plastic dog kennel as a brooder, so I am ready for chicks!

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