My first time!!!


13 Years
Mar 23, 2009
California, central area
hatching quail, that is. My first coturnix have started hatching! I have approx 200 eggs and the first are hatching! So cool. THey hatch so much more quickly than the chickens. I went out to feed and checked before. 40 minutes later there are 7 quail chicks out and moving around! So exciting!
if you have a yellow chick then that's not a pharoah or a tibetan

that'd be an A & M or a Golden does it have stripes? If so then its a golden. If it's pure yellow then that's an A & M which is a recessive color so that means the breeder has A& Ms and didn't list them in the sale. Makes me wonder what other colors you have.

BTW pharoah is not a color parsay, it's a type. Pharoah is the wild type and small size coturnix. Just like when you say "bobwhite" you mean the wild type and size, but Butlers are also bobwhites yet they ar eknown as butlers becuase they are a different variety (bigger ifi remember rightly).

Anywho just lettin ya know
And congrats!
Well, thanks for letting me know!! I only have one yellow chick. It has a couple of darker marks (really small) on its head. I was told pharoah and tibetan so, being a total newbie, that was fine with me. I'm doing this for meat and eggs so not a biggie. I'm just eggcited to see chicks (shipped eggs) hatching. Its all good!!
oh no no im not sayin that the A & ms are any less of quality hun im just saying that you got more colors than you were told which is cool!

Btw that chick is an a & M for sure
will be a pure white bird with maybe a lil bit of brown or golden markings on its head where you see the markings at
I took it all good. I'll have to check back in my records. It may have been tuxedo and tibetan...Offhand I can't remember. I just know I've been glued to the incubator. Its magical! Vicki

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