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    Apr 20, 2008
    Last night my nephew and I decided to process 1 of my 2 buff orpington roosters. They were given to me by a family that bought straight run and can't have roosters where they live. They are about 4 months old and we have had them for almost a month. We lovingly named them Foghorn and Dummy. The original plan was to cross breed them with my barred rocks but it wasn't working out so they became food. Anyway we decided to do 1 last night. We went in the pen and the first one in the coop would be spared. Lucky for Dummy he is a scaredy cat and he went in first. Foghorn always picked on Dummy. So we caught foghorn and to the stump we went. My cousin held and my axe found it's mark. There really wasn't that much blood or thrashing. I was surprised. Even though I have been hunting for years, killing something up close and personal like that is a lot different that shooting it with a rifle from 50 yards. It's intimate. I do miss the crow of Foghorn but Dummy's is starting to develop. As soon as we were done cleaning Foghorn he went into a saltwater bath for the night. We got about 4 pounds of meat from him and it was all thigh and drumstick. The breasts were pretty bare. Tonight I put the meat in a pan with a can of broth and a zucchini from our garden and baked it for about 2 hours. The meat was so tender and juicy I could hardly believe it. After everything I had heard about rooster meat. Even my young sons told me it was the best chicken they had ever eaten. I admit I liked Foghorn but I love him for the sacrifice he made for me and my family. I love chickens! I am more than sold on this backyard chicken stuff.
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    I am so glad you had a good experience. That first time is special even though you are correct, it does get a little more personal when you are killing them that closely. Buff meat is just really good anyway. My mother always processed her buffs because she said they had the tastiest and most tender meat. Mine have always been great. I have tried the Cornish crosses, but I still prefer the buff meat.[​IMG]
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