My first tragedy in 14 years

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    Well, lost a Hamburg pullet chick to one of my dogs. I knew from day one she would be the one, but the way it all happened, completely stupid accident. But I'm only 50% of the blame, my husband is the other half. I left the brooder lid open because they were getting too toasty, even in the basement where it's cooler, and only with a 75w bulb. Then my husband left the basement door open into the kitchen. The kitchen is where the dogs are kept when they're not outside. So of course down they go. I pop in the house for a break between yard chores, and notice the door, and hit panic mode.

    She dropped that poor little baby fast as lightening, knowing she was in for it. I gave her everything she expected. The birds are MINE, off limits, how dare you, dog. On goes the leash, off we go for a quick reminder. She wouldn't look at the baby, she wouldn't look in the brooder. She can't help it, not with her drives. But driving the point home a little more can't hurt. Off we go outside, straight into the run. My big birds are not afraid of her. She's just not allowed to chase, sniff too close, cause havoc by scaring them (no matter how bad she wants that as a hobby). She was perfect, sat in the middle of the run and let her tail get pecked. It's not like she doesn't know, but she couldn't help it with a little squeaky that close and that accessible.

    Mean while, the boy dog had chewed up a paper towel. He didn't participate in the chick stealing. I feel as bad about this as I do for my last tragedy, 14 years ago. I bought a pair of Black Polish. I put them in a rabbit cage, and left them on the porch over night since we got in late and I needed a quick pen for them to get used to the place and as quarantine and didn't have time that night. Coons chewed their heads off. Stupid trusting move on my part. "Coons won't come on the porch, and the bars are too close together anyways"..... Sure they will, and no they aren't.

    Even the paranoid can't catch a break! So my grand total now is 5 losses in 18 years. 2 to coons, 1 to a fox in broad daylight, 1 to a hawk in broad daylight (watched her disappear over the tree line with it and had to spend 3 hours catching her traumatized chicks) and now this little one to my own dog. Once, a doberman I had caught my favorite rooster when he snuck under the fence in a low spot. She didn't kill him, I heard him screaming and got out there fast enough. She knew too, same as my Shepherd, dropped that bird fast as lightening and booked it to the dog house. They KNOW I don't play over my birds. Poor little Jibbers ran to me, telling me all about it. No punctures, just missing a couple tail feathers.

    This sucks. Now the remaining Hamburg is stuck with those little call ducks for company. I set eggs on Sunday, so more chicks will be coming. What's worse, she took the one I KNEW was a pullet, the other I'm only about 80% sure it's a pullet. I took them outside after to sit in the yard with them. The remaining one never did cry about her missing buddy. But it's gotten really close to me and wants to sit on me all the time. It stopped picking at the ducklings too. Which makes the call ducks want to sit on me too.

    The offending dog... I can't blame her. We unintentionally gave her access and she couldn't resist without supervision. I know that about her. It's why there is a door, and we have a lot of sturdy fencing, and I watch everything. We put a secondary fence around the coop, so that she can't even get closer than 6 ft to the birds. Then there is another section to put the dogs when the birds are free ranging in the yard. It's not like I stupidly trusted her to "guard" the flock for me. Not that dog. Her training level is high. With me. I've invested years into making her perfect. But she can't handle it if I'm not there.

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    Sorry for your loss [​IMG] It sounds as though you know it's the dogs instinct but I would have been angry at my dog too! At times I forget my dog is just that...a dog, and I expect a lot from her sometimes.Of course it had to be the one you KNOW is a pullet! [​IMG] Again,sorry for your loss.
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    Thats so sad! Poor little thing! Dogs can be as bad of predators as chicken hawks. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Sorry for your loss!
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    [​IMG] for you all.
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    You have to forgive yourself, accidents happen no matter how hard we try.. Sometimes it is harder to forgive ourselves than it is to forgive other people.. Best of luck with your new babies hatching...

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    Oh boy, this has happened to a couple of friends of mine......Accidents happen and your record is pretty good for 14 years!

    Forgive yourself, accidents happen.......


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