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  1. Holas

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    Feb 22, 2014
    So after researching a ton of coop designs I built this for our six chickens.

    It is 4x6 and we will have a 10 x 15 run.(still needs a roof.)


    So I happen to manage a paint store and one of my employees happened to mis-tint some industrial urethane
    which is designed to hold up to crude oil. So i figure it should hold up to chicken poop.

    When I put the roof on I will have ventilation on the front and back 2" tall the the width of the coop.

    So my question is do I need more ventilation? Should I put in a window on the side?

    Also the front of the coop will be inside the run and the rest of the coop will be outside so that
    we can get to the nesting box and clean it with out getting inside. My wife really wants me to rig up
    the chicken door so we can open and close it from the outside of the run. Anybody have any ideas on that?
    I want to make sure it is secure when its closed.
  2. jetdog

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    Jun 18, 2013
    I would definitely add a window or 2 so you can get some cross breeze, something you can open and close depending on the weather. A simple pulley system will work if your door will be a up and down door, look on YouTube for"locking chicken door" I just built it so my door will lock, it's the first couple of videos, hardware cloth all your vents and window openings.
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