My "fixed" cat is having another litter *Pics post 19*


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Mar 1, 2011
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And I have no idea what to do. She seems to be leaking and has been since yesterday. Last time she had them in the middle of the night and we didn't even know she was pregnant. This time I knew they were coming because the vet called and told me he couldn't fix her because of them. How this one happened is beyond me. She hasn't been out of the yard (not possible trust me) and my male cat is deffinatly fixed. So here is my problem, there are 2 more than last time so she is much bigger and I have no clue what to do. I haven't had the money to take her back to the vet, only had the money for the fixing. She seems to be leaking but I have no clue if a cat's water breaks like a human? She keeps going back and forth all over the house and I'm guessing she is looking for a spot to have them. I want her to have them in my closet because it has hardwood floors (easier to clean) and my daughter knows mom and dad's room is off limits so I don't have to worry about her messing with them. So here are my questions:

Is she about to have them if she is "leaking" and super vocal?
How do I keep her in my room?
Does she need anything special to deliver?
How do I know she is in labor besides a kitten popping out?

Thank you in advance for any help that you guys can give me. And don't worry after this she is confined to the inside of the house only until she goes to the doctor next time to be fixed for sure

ETA: She seems to have a bubble like thing hanging out of her backside
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She is in pre labor if not active labor. Make her a 'nest' of towels, etc where you want her to have the kittens. Since this is a second litter all should go well. Good luck.


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Good luck

I used to work at a group home for mentally handicapped adults. The residents had adopted a stray kitten that showed up one day. Although by law the residents were allowed to have a pet, the director hated cats so their kitty had to stay outside there. The residents all saved up their pennies to get her spayed. I agreed to bring her home with me while she recovered because she needed to stay indoors while she healed. She, "Stormy", was spayed (or so we thought) at a local spay/neuter clinic. Sure enough when I picked her up at the clinic her belly was shaved and she was very groggy. Later I went to check her wound and couldn't find it. Called and spoke to the vet that ran the clinic. Sure enough they had been so busy that day that Stormy was prepped but not fixed.

Any chance your male cat was fixed at a high volumne spay/neuter clinic?


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Mar 1, 2011
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Come to think of it he was. We got him from the local animal shelter but he was to young to get fixed so they gave us a voucher to take him to their clinic. He doesn't spray or any other normal man cat things like that. Could he still not be fixed if that if he doesn't display any of the usual male behaviors?


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it takes less than a minute for a cat to do the deed. Keeping your cat in the yard doesn't keep all the neighborhood toms out.


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She is in full labor! What you see coming out of her backside is the sack with the first kitten in it (you have probably already figured that out). She is probably pacing for one because she is in labor and for another it doesn't sound like she has found a place she feels is "safe". A lot of times mama cats can hold off the birth until she finds a spot. I suggest keeping her in the house but let her choose the place she wants to have them ( sometimes it can be in the strangest places ) I hope all goes well :)

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